Monday, March 16, 2015

The Bishop's Committe

The Bishop’s Committee of an Episcopal congregation is much like a nonprofit organization board of directors. The Bishop's Committee shares authority with the Priest-in-Charge as they work together to build up the Body of Christ and spread the Good News. The Bishop's Committee of St. Mary's Church meets regularly on the third Sunday of the month following the service. These meetings are open, and you are invited to attend. Please free to contact any of the members with questions or concerns.

All of the documents that the Bishop's Committee sees are posted are the Parish Web site.

The Rev. Peter J. Van Hook, Priest-in-Charge
Erik Heiny, Bishop’s Warden
Jim Meador, Junior Warden
Serena Kanig Benish, Clerk
George Benish, Treasurer
Patricia Castelli
Kirk Hepburn

Mari Miller

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