Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Epiphanytide | Peter, our Pastor

One of the traditions of the church is to invite the priest to visit and bless your home during Epiphanytide, the church season we are in now. This can be done once, as when you have just moved in to a new place, or annually. If done annually it is customary that the priest writes the date in chalk over the inside of the front door. (Actually, a house blessing can be done any time, but it is an Epiphany tradition.)

 A house blessing can be simple or elaborate. I have simply stood in the entryway of a home with a candle and said a prayer and blessing, and I have walked through a house with a crowd and a thurible [incense pot] billowing with smoke. I have celebrated Holy Communion, or not. The only requirements are a candle and a mutually agreeable date and time. Contact me at to schedule a time.

Also, while writing, I wanted to give my thanks to all those who attended, helped with, or participated in the Epiphany Pageant and service on Tuesday night! (Especially Louisa Heiny and Kristin Smith for their organizing abilities.) Thirty-two people enjoyed the making of the Three Kings Cake, the pageant (particularly the Shepherd and his facial expressions), the Eucharist assisted by the children, and the party following. The hope is that this will become an annual tradition. (Next year it is on a Wednesday—put it on your calendars now!)

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