Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deacon Craig Accepts Position in Kansas

NEWS RELEASE: Deacon Craig Klein Accepts Position in Kansas

This week the Rev. Deacon Craig Klein announced that he has accepted a position at Washburn Technical Institute, the technical training unit of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. He will be serving as the program director of a community-wide vocational training program, one of the areas of academic administration he loves.

The good news: Craig has a job! The bad news: Craig is leaving this weekend in order to take up his duties on Monday, February 2. This means that the congregation will not have an opportunity to thank Craig in person for his service to us, but we will find a way to express our best wishes and blessings in the near future. The two-plus years that Craig has been serving as Deacon at St. Mary's Church have been a great blessing.

Craig’s wife, Mary Beth, will remain in Utah for the remainder of the academic year in order to finish her M.S.W. at the University of Utah.

Because of the brief time in which we have known about Craig’s leaving there have been no conversations with the Bishop of Utah about next steps. The Rev. Canon Mary June Nestler, the Bishop’s Executive Assistant, will be meeting with the Bishop's Committee on
Sunday, February 1, and part of her conversation will concern this issue.

Please keep Craig and Mary Beth in your prayers as they face the months of transition and separation.

The Rev. Peter J. Van Hook
January 28, 2015

A Letter from Deacon Craig
Hello everybody! Deacon Craig here. I'd like to tell you a story. In mid-2102, I was a university administrator living in central Missouri who was offered what seemed to be like my dream job at Utah Valley University, being a vice president of community college programs. Since I was the Dean of Academic Affairs at two 2-year schools prior to coming to Utah, things seemed perfect. After arriving, though, I was to find that my position was to be eliminated in an academic restructure. Thus, I was out of a job in early 2014. I have searched for many months since then, but the work available for a 2-year degree administrator in Utah is quite limited. In fact, there is only one true community college in the state in Salt Lake City.

Soon after arriving (just a few days) I looked at our diocesan website and found two parishes that were equidistant from where I was living, St. Mary's and St. James. Reasoning that I should probably be in church near the same town where I worked, I chose St. Mary's and called Father Peter. The rest is history. What I found was a generous and loving congregation, and some UVU peers, too. Plus, for me as a deacon, there was the opportunity to work at Food and Care, a servant ministry dream. Since then, I have assumed a number of additional diocesan duties, including serving on the Commission on Ministry and producing the e-newsletter.

All of which brings me to today, Tuesday  January 27th. As of today, I have over 200 applications still pending in the state of Utah but-as I said-with very little opportunity at the one best-fit school. Imagine my surprise when a school called me just a few days ago about being a 2-year degree program administrator!

Exactly what I know, and at a good salary. At last!!! (And none too soon.) The twist of course is that the school is out of state (by about 1,000 miles.) So, after much prayerful consideration and discussion with my wife, I have accepted the position. Doing so is simply what I needed to do, and do now. This offer could not have come too soon. Still, leaving and essentially starting over is never ever easy, but do this I must. I so wanted to tell you all of this either last Sunday or at our annual meeting. Alas, things weren't finalized until yesterday and today. So, just I walked into St. Mary's without prior announcement, so too I leave in the same way. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to say all of this directly to you, not as an email. Sometimes circumstance says otherwise, because I'm due at my new job this coming Tuesday, February 3rd! I am leaving this last Sunday in January early in the morning for a long 2-day drive.

Since my wife is staying here in order to finish her MSW degree at "The U", you know I'll be back to visit. That visiting will most certainly include St. Mary's whenever possible. I already miss you all, and will for quite some time. You are the best! Really, you are! Thank you for your kind and consistent treatment of me over the past few years. It has been wonderful!


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  1. Craig,

    I for one will miss your thoughtful and insightful sermons. Thank you especially for your sermon on the 10 Virgins. I'd never heard it from that perspective and with that insight; it makes me ponder if I am living a life based on faith in Christ, or if I'm trying to do things based on my own wisdom and knowledge (which isn't much. ;) )

    Good luck to you in all that you do!

    Best wishes,